Video Series

Musical care throughout the life course

This series of interactive animated videos, Musical care throughout the life course, summarises the key ideas of each chapter in the book Collaborative insights: Interdisciplinary perspectives on musical care throughout the life course, published by Oxford University Press.

Video Series

1. An Introduction

2. Infancy

3. Childhood

4. Adolescence

5. Adulthood

6. Older Adulthood

7. End Of Life

8. Synthesis

The videos were created as a collaboration between Neta Spiro and Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo and Nic Flatt (from FatPanda) and Daniel Chant-Burgess (composer for film, media and concert, and alumnus of the music composition programme at the Royal College of Music). These videos are free to use and share. The music is available for download here

The videos were created with the aim of communicating about scientific research on the arts using an art form of animated videos with newly composed music. The music was specifically composed in response to the themes of the book, with musical themes developed across the different videos. 

The series of videos cover 6 life stages (infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, older adulthood, and end of life) and are bookended by an introduction and synthesis.

Join our conversation

Together with the book, these videos are an invitation into the field and as a prompt for discussion.

We invite responses to the videos through written, musical or other creative forms. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.


Project Team

Neta Spiro
Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo
Nic Flatt
Daniel Chant-Burgess

Supported By

Royal College of Music:
Knowledge Exchange Fund

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