Musical care during the beginning of life in the UK:

Exploring experiences and policy recommendations

There have been flag-ship institutions where well-established and innovative specific musical care practices at the beginning of life take place in the UK and abroad. Musical care practices at the beginning of life can include in mum and baby groups, music therapy in neonatal intensive care units and much more. At the same time, there is now substantial evidence base for some of this work.

However, availability of musical care is not equally distributed around the UK or across the various areas of the beginning of life. Activities are not always clearly visible and there are barriers to participation.

This project explores the experience of, and barriers to, musical care during the beginning of life in the UK. We are interested in hearing from providers, people who have gone to musical activities and those who have experienced barriers to participation.


Project Team

Neta Spiro (PI)
Elizabeth Coombes
Rosie Perkins
Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo
Emily Tredget


Research assistants
Debi Graham
Mark Rowles
Berenice Beverley Zammit


Royal College of Music:
Knowledge Exchange Fund
Policy Support Fund

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