Musical care throughout the life course:

International and interdisciplinary network

The aim of the network is to bring people together to explore examples of musical care from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives. We invite discussion of a broad range of musical care practices, from private experiences (including informal singing between caregivers and infants or formal music therapy sessions) to public ones (such as group music-making and music in health campaigns), from all over the world. Although musical care practices occur around the world in very different contexts and are the topic of research in several disciplines, there is little international and interdisciplinary collaboration on the topic. 

This network of practitioners and researchers working on musical care throughout the life course emphasises international and interdisciplinary collaboration. We include practitioners and researchers from a broad range of disciplines and practices, including but not limited to community music, ethnomusicology, medical humanities, medicine, music anthropology, music in health, music education, music psychology, music sociology, and music therapy.

If you’d like to be a part of the network, please get in touch.


Project Team

Neta Spiro
Bonnie B. McConnell
Katie Rose M. Sanfilippo

Lead Liaison

Georgia Pike-Rowney


Royal College of Music:
Knowledge Exchange Fund

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